General Support


How do I invite friends/family members onto Valorant?

When you are logged in, go to your homepage (Overview). Under "Quick Actions" will be a blue button "Invite Friends". Once clicked, pop-up where you can input the email of the person you want to invite will come onto the screen. You can invite multiple people by inserting a "," between email addresses. After submitting their email, the person will get an email with an invitation to join Valorant's platform that contains a temporary login.

How do I claim a practice?

Step 1:

Locate the providers tab on the sign up page. Enter in your NPI Number and email.

Step 2:

Navigate over to your email message and click the "Create Account" button.

Step 3:

You will be directed to the login page and prompted to complete your account.

How do I rate a physician?

Locate the physician you want to leave a rating for. Click the number of stars for the rating you wish to leave and pop up will appear where you can leave a written review. Hit submit review to post your review!

How do I search for providers in a new location?

You can change provider result locations by draggin to a different location on the map or searching by city, county, or ZIP. To acheive county level search make sure to include "County" at the end to distinguish between city and county names. Our provider database is currently being updated to add more US providers.

What browsers are supported on Valorant's platform?

We support all major web browsers except for Internet Explorer due to security and privacy concerns.